Wednesday, January 26, 2005

If you took "nay" and 71 votes- YOU LOST!

You may recall that I predicted Condi's confirmation would be overwhelming. What would you say to 85 yeas against only 13 nays. Next up for rubberstamping is Alberto Gonzales.

If only the opposition could muster up the testicles to oppose something. It took us nine hours of "debate" to keep the worst war criminal since Kissinger down to a 72 vote cushion.

I'm moving to someplace where people give a shit. Like Iceland.


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GrumbleGrouch said...

Why so few comments on these posts? Is it because he is too outspoken, or is it because he is so absolutely right? Or is it because those who agree with him have nothing to add, and those who disagree can see it's useless to argue with him? You might want to look at Angry Old Man, who is less overtly partisan and perhaps more controversial.