Tuesday, January 25, 2005

File Under "Coincidence? I Think Not."

The Zen-like random news aggregator that is Google News kicked out three stories this morning that all pretty much summarize the state of things in this country, as well as in Mesopotamia, the 51st State.
  • Dubya will ask Congress for an additional $80 billion in war money. Shoulda seen this coming- call it the Quagmire Tax.
  • Iraqi police captured a major Zarqawi lieutenant, who then confessed to over 30 car bombings. I suspect that extreme methods of compulsion may have been used to obtain this confession- he would probably have admitted the Lindbergh kidnapping to free his nuts from the vise.
  • And holding all this together, oil prices to stay below $49 per barrel.
Isn't that what it's all about? Publicize an arrest and a confession I wouldn't believe if I were in the room watching him confess. Ask for shitloads more money. Gas up your Hummer. God bless America.

On another note, the poorly written headline award goes to..... Reuters!
Whoa! Those Palestinians take their building code seriously! Where it says that studs shall be placed at least 16 inches apart, they mean it!

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