Tuesday, July 12, 2005

So, Scott McLellan was in a bad spot...

The papers are all over it today- when asked (repeatedly) about Karl Rove's involvement in the Plame Affair, the White House refused to answer. (Quaint, huh, how I still call them "papers.") Even though there were two years worth of previous denials. Even though the President had promised to fire the leaker, whomever it was. Even though...

The single email that we know of is not enough to constitute a crime. It's too vague- Valerie Plame is not named for one thing. If this was all there was to it, the White House would have come clean yesterday. "See, there's no there there." They didn't, which leads me to believe that they couldn't- not without either 1) admitting that Rove had, in fact, committed a crime; or 2) lying. The Adminstration can't really do either, for obvious reasons.

So, they fell back on that old chestnut, "No Comment."

The calls for Rove's resignation/termination are starting to come in. Dubya will not fire him, nor will Rove resign. Their egos are too big for that. More than anything, Dubya rewards loyalty. Alberto and Condi got promotions, Rummy kept his job, Paul O'Neill got the shaft. Rove has stuck with the President through hell and highwater. Dubya will stick by him.

2006 can't come soon enough.

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