Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The best defense, apparently, is a good offense

The RNC has come up with a plan to defend Karl Rove- blame the Dems for playing dirty politics, and wait for the Supreme Court nomination to bury the story. The RNC has distributed some talking points on The Plame Affair that basically follow three memes- 1) Joe Wilson's a liar; 2) Joe Wilson's incompetent; and 3) the WH is the epitome of all that is righteous and holy. The right wing press has obligingly toed the line, with the WSJ going so far as to call for Rove to get a medal.

They must be terrified.

At this point, they have shut down all official comment on the matter. The one email we know of doesn't reveal anything that amounts to a crime, and as I pointed out yesterday, if the entire scandal amounted to this one missive then the WH would have proudly answered everything to show that there is no there there. That they didn't leads me to believe that they couldn't.

So, what does any protege of Turdblossom do? Exactly what the master taught- smear, smear, smear. Attack the critic and the criticism won't matter. The talking points amount to little more than a pathetic attempt to discredit a loyal and honorable public servant who called "bullshit" on the Administration's fraud with a body count. And they don't really do anything to clear up the real issue- did Rove intentionally blow a covert op's cover?

Of course, the legitimate press will have to pull a Bill O'Reilly with the GOP hacks- if they won't answer the question asked, but instead stick to their talking points, you have to kick them off the show. O'Reilly has done that numerous times to Dems. Gander, this is goose.

This administration is a criminal enterprise- they lie, they cheat, they steal (elections). They have sent American youth off to war on a fraud, where their above the law attitude trickled down into the barracks at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo. Electrodes to the scrotum, hoods over their heads- look good for the camera, Lynndie.

Some Spanish judge should hand down an indictment for war crimes. Hey, Karl- I hear Slobodan Milosovich is looking for a new celly...

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