Thursday, December 30, 2004

Happy Hope Day!

My nephew called me tonight- well, actually his mother called me, but... whatever- to let me know about a new holiday he invented. He wished me a Happy Hope Day, and when I wished him a Happy Hope Day, I heard him scream with delight as he turned to his mother and told her, "He said it!"

I like the idea of Hope Day. Ever since Election Day, everyone I know who cares at all about the state of the world has been filled despair. We could use some hope right now, staring down the barrel of four more years of Texas oppression.

Then I subscribed to Salon. After the better part of a year of sitting through insufferable interstitial ads, $35 seemed like a bargain. (Plus they threw in full subscriptions to a number of print mags, one of which I even read!) In any event, I began to feel refreshed and emboldened- there are people out there like me, who feel like they don't have a say in the way things will be done for the foreseeable future. Who will do something about it.

Then Zach called to wish me Happy Hope Day. New years provide new opportunities for change. If I make a small one with me, I've done all I can.

So I wish you all Happy Hope Day, and a Happy New Year too.


Rob said...

Good holiday idea, as the state of the world is quite a downer these days...

Fabiana said...

The idea seems promising, for the demand is clearly great. You have a very caring and smart nephew.

I am also one of those people somewhat in despair, and I simply have to believe things can and will improve - I really need hope.

Happy Hope Day and Happy New Year for you and your nephew!

Amanda said...

Happy Hope Day to everyone! Hearing the sheer delight in our nephew's voice when we wished him Happy Hope Day was about the best thing I have heard in ...well, I can't remember how long!