Friday, December 03, 2004

File Under "Faith Based Nonsense"

God bless, Henry Waxman. He has recently released a report critical of abstinence only sex-ed. I know, old news and hardly shocking- but then I read the report. If the Red Staters get their way, our children will be taught that:
  • Condoms are only 69% effective against HIV (according to a study, which they conveniently fail to mention has been completely discredited).
  • Condoms have a 15% failure rate in preventing pregnancy (if you don't use them properly).
  • Touching someone else's genitals can get you pregnant (that one is so absurd it doesn't need a snappy retort).
  • Sex within marriage "is the expected standard of human sexual activity" (oh, really- is that Rush Limbaugh got divorced three times?).
  • Blastocysts, a ball of about 200 cells, "snuggle" into the uterine wall (hey, I'm always trying to snuggle into the uterus- just ask my wife).
  • That a woman's most important need in a relationship is financial support, and a man's most important need is domestic help (was this stuff written in 1946?).
  • Chlamydia cause heart disease! (You can hump bacon?)
  • You can get HIV from sweat and tears (actually, I think it's highly probable that someone has gotten HIV while listening to a Blood, Sweat, and Tears album, and these people just misunderstood).
  • And my favorite... a 43 day old fetus is a thinking person! (As opposed to most Bush voters.)

Thanks to The Daily Outrage for the link.

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