Tuesday, November 16, 2004

File Under "Well Duh!"

George Lakoff, a Berkeley linguist and Kerry advisor, argues that Republicans have been winning elections because they have done a better job at framing the debate. Hmmmm, I seem to recall saying something similar not too long ago...

I like one idea that he has, and it could be manipulated into a wedge issue. Enviromental regulation promotes "poison-free communities." No one wants their kids playing in Love Canal, right? Pro-greed Bushies want to poison your kids! Like they say in the Guiness ads, "Brilliant!"

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Tom said...

The following is an example of reframing and recentering the Reform Democrat agenda through discourse framing:

Draft Freedom: Stand up for freedom from the draft.1. Does not "look" anti-war (recenters our positions)
2. Targeted outside of the liberal (Reform Democrat) wing of politics - reaches new people
2. Red-white-blue patriotic feel to the site (but not on defensive terms)
4. No "draft resistance", "draft dodgers" - instead frames the issue on drafts as about freedom and American values
5. Attempts to reframe the war debate to "we oppose the draft" -- which can be bridge for reasons why the draft/war are wrong -- and frames the war as draft (which is more personally connected, puts pro-war on defensive)
6. It works if (a) people get concerned about draft (b) think of draft as a violation of American values and freedoms (c) war proponents must deny there will be draft

While the site is in development currently, it does currently serve as an example of discourse framing.