Tuesday, November 16, 2004

File Under "In A Handbasket"

Five words that should put the fear of Jesus in any Blue Stater.

Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

I'd say that Condie is a yes man, but of course she is no man. So what would that make her? In any event Colin Powell, a man who was frequently cut out of the foreign policy picture by the more hawkish advisors to the President is about to be replaced by one of the more hawkish advisors to the President. At least they're on the same page.

As secretary of state, the woman who has long been Mr. Bush's single closest foreign policy adviser and confidante would be charged with resolving the clashing views of the world itself - on behalf of a boss whose sentences she can finish, and who trusts her totally to carry out his wishes.

Of course, Condie can finish the President's sentences- he can't finsh them himself! Duh?!?

On another front, as if to verify my argument that we have to give the WWC the heave-ho, The Times notes that West Virginia, where Dems outnumber Republicans 2-to-1, is turning culturally conservative and increasingly evangelical.

The difference this year, Democrats and analysts said, was the fervent activity of conservative churches. For months, Bush campaign workers recruited support from pastors, registered church members and distributed literature after Sunday services. It was the kind of work unions have long done for Democrats, only this time the church vote outpaced the labor vote, Democrats said.

"Some say the religious right is more powerful than labor ever was, and I think there's a lot of truth to that," said State Delegate Mike Caputo, a Democrat who works for the United Mine Workers of America.

Mr. Casey and other leaders of the state party said the Democrats had already begun an outreach program to churches, arguing that most Democrats are as much against abortion, gay marriage and gun control as are Republicans.

Actually, we're not. We shouldn't be afraid to be who we are- principled, proud, and progressive (would someone kindly explain my recent fascination with alliteration to me). I don't understand how believing that all people have a fundamental right to live in accordance with their own consciences is dangerous. I don't understand how limiting the right of all people to do so is "conservative."

But then again, I'm a Blue Stater. This knuckledragger thinks that the Blue states should be forcibly ejected from the Union. My reply? Could we, please?

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