Monday, April 18, 2005

I think I'm back...

I've been enervated of late. I've been dealing with some things in my personal life, and the news has just been so depressing, I just didn't see the point of shouting in the darkness for the benefit of my few readers. While Terri Schiavo and the Pope led the news every night, while Michael Jackson collected broadcast minutes, while pharmacists decided to make policy from the cosmetics counter, while the Religious Right tries to abolish judicial independence (if not the courts themselves), this whole country just fell ever more slowly into disrepair. I couldn't fathom blogging about it. I could barely fathom reading about.

I'm better now, and I'm back on the saddle. You can thank Tom DeLay for that. This petulant worm with the weatherman hair has been ruling the House of Representatives like a petty feifdom. When he doesn't get his way, he pouts. Consider his remarks on the future of the judges who dared to called the Terri Schiavo False Hope Act for what it was- a unconstitutional encroachment on the power of the judiciary, a co-equal branch of government. DeLay threatened the courts with their comeuppance.

Yet the only comeuppance delivered thus far has been DeLay's. He has been exposed for what he is- merely corrupt, more interested in his own power than in the good of his country. Democrats need to keep the attack up and get this cancerous buffoon out of the Capitol.

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